Eggs in the dust
They hatched
Light experiment
Acrobatic swimmers
Trench diggers
A short life

triassic trips longicaudatus Triops

Even before dinosaurs roamed the earth there were the triops. Some fossil triops have been dated back to over 200 million years ago. In their long existence they did not change very much. Today there are approximately 15 known species in Australia, Europe, and North America. All 15 species are freshwater triops. Triops are the closest living relatives to the (unfortunately) extinct trilobites. The name triops means three-eyed.

Taxonomy: kingdom Animalia --> phylum Arthropods --> subphylum Crustacea --> class Brachiopods --> order Notostraca

Most of my own triops have been Triops longicaudatus. But I will also post all other information that I find out about other species.

Don't forget to check our the Triops Forum and the Triops Picture Gallery currently still located on petitepets.com.


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