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Acrobatic Swimmers

After about ten days your triops should be almost half an inch long. Although they spend a lot of time on the bottom, they will still swim around. This swimming is very interesting. I often see them swimming upside down at the surface. Then they let themselves sink down for a while. The triops in my aquarium perform all kinds of maneuvers. They swim loops, spirals and even high speed through the water.

Now that you triops are big enough you can stop using yeast solution. Instead you can feed them with goldfish food that sinks to the bottom. Do not use the food that swims or flakes. The triops will search the bottom and find the food soon. Don't feed until they ate the food. Otherwise you tank aquarium will start to smell a little. But make sure you feed enough. If triops don't have enough food, they will eat each other ! Your triops will then grow up to about 1.5 inches. Remember to keep the water warm.

If you bought a triops package or if you got some dirt from a local pond you will probably have some fairy shrimp as well. Fairy shrimp are about half an inch long and they swim upside down. They are also fun to watch. I will try to find some related home pages for those fairy shrimp. So check the link page.

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