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Triops Taxonomy

I will continue to update this page as I find more info.
last update: July 7, 2006

kingdom Animalia
phylum Arthropods
subphylum Crustacea
class Brachiopods
order Notostraca


  • Triops longicaudatus (LeConte, 1846) - tadpole shrimp
    • Triops longicaudatus longicaudatus
    • Triops longicaudatus intermedius
  • Triops cancriformis (Bosc, 1801)
    • Triops cancriformis cancriformis
    • Triops cancriformis mauretanicus
  • Triops australiensis (Spencer & Hall, 1895) - shield shrimp
    • Triops australiensis australiensis
    • Triops australiensis sakalavus
  • Triops cancriformis simplex
  • Triops newberryi (LeConte, 1846)
  • Triops granarius (Lucas, 1864)
  • Triops numidicus
  • T...

If you know of any other living species or have some additional information, please contact me. Especially if you have any species living in your area, let me know where. I would like to make a map.


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