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They hatched

After only 5 to 6 hours the first eggs hatched. The eggs split open and release the developing embryo. Within only several hours they develop into a nauplius larva. A nauplius larva is a common larval form in many crustaceans. They have three pairs of appendages and a single median eye. They are now in a filter feeding stage and swim around freely.

You can now start to feed them. If you have food pellets from the package, presoak them in water and shake to make sure they are dissolved. If you don't have these food pellets you can feed the larvae with a baker's yeast solution. You prepare the solution by adding approximately 5 to 10 g (0.175 to 0.3 oz) of dried baker's yeast to half a liter (2 cups). Stir or shake it well to brake down the yeast into tiny particles. Then you feed 40 ml (1.2 floz), which equals 8 teaspoons.

The larvae will then grow and shed their exoskeleton several times. If you have a magnifying glass and a pipette I suggest you take a larva every day and observe it under the magnifying glass. Make sketches and take notes if you wish.

You can really watch your Triops larvae grow hour by hour. This will go on for a couple of days. Then they molt again, but this time into a juvenile Triops. When they reach this stage the juveniles will move to the bottom of the tank and continue their live on the ground. They will start digging in the dirt and leaving tracks in the sand.

I leave my aquarium light on 24 hours a day. This keeps the temperature in the right range. I do not use a water heater. This may be dangerous, because the water gets too warm right next to it, but the larvae come close anyway. As a result they die. Make sure that the temperature does not drop ! I also turn on the air pump for approximately half an hour per day.

drawing of a triops naupilus larva


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